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Terms & Conditions


1) Exhibitors will have all exhibits and all materials in place by 11am, April 27, 2018 and will remain in place until 5 pm April 29, 2018 and will be removed no later than 12 pm April 29, 2018.

2) No motor vehicles operating in the exhibit areas during the 3 days of the show. PA system or other sound systems that will interfere with the success of other exhibitors are prohibited.

3) Exhibit area will be keep clean during show and will remove all debris, foundations, ground cover, building materials ect...after the show.

4) Exhibitors can not sub-leased or assign any part of the assigned exhibit booth to other parties.  NO BOOTH SHARING! One vendor per booth

5) Exhibitors are allowed only to promote their product from their assigned booth space.

6) Exhibit mail/parcels are not be sent to the Chisholm Trail Expo Center, C & M Production Group L.L.C. or The Enid Home Builders Association without permission.

7) The exhibitor will not perform any illegal activity or allow any activity that is illegal, defined by Federal, State and/or laws of the jurisdictions where the show is being held.

8) Exhibitors are responsible for any applicable City & State taxes for merchandise sold at the 2018 Enid Home Builder’s “Enid Home Show”.

9) Enid Home Builder’s Association and C & M Production Group L.L.C. reserves the right to make final decision as to who may exhibit in the show. All exhibitors are subject to approval from show management.

10) Enid Home Builder’s Association and C & M Production Group L.L.C. has the final decision as to booth space assignment. No specific booth space assignment is guaranteed.

11) Cancellations must be sent in writing to the C & M Production Group L.L.C. and cannot be taken over the telephone. Cancellation less than (30) thirty days prior to the show day will not be eligible for any refund. As the Exhibitor, I acknowledge that if I cancel before March 27, 2018, 50% of the signed contract is NONREFUNDABLE.

12) In the event of cancellation or interruption of the show due to fire, strike, government regulations, acts of God, or any cause beyond control, Enid Home Builder’s Associations and C & M Production Group L.L.C. shall determine an equitable base for refund of such portion of amount paid as is possible after considering expenditures and commitments already made. If for any reason the show date or place is changed, no refund will be made, but Enid Home Builder’s Association and C & M Production Group L.L.C. must be able to assign exhibitor space in lieu of original space.

13) If the exhibitor fails to occupy space contracted for by 12pm, April 27, 2018 or fails to comply in any other respect with the terms of this agreement, Enid Home Builder’s Association and C & M Production Group L.L.C. shall have the right to use such space in any manner without releasing the exhibitor from paying the sum agreed upon in this contract.

14) Exhibitors are liable for any damages caused to the building floors, walls, or columns or to standard booth equipment, or other exhibitor’s property.

15) Forklifts are provided at no charge for the first hour only. Additional time will incur a $50 penalty plus an additional $45 service fee for every half-hour. Enid Home Builder’s Associations and C & M Production Group L.L.C. limits forklift use to unloading and loading equipment. Forklifts will not be used for assembling any exhibits. A company representative must be present at the time of forklift use. Exhibitors must sign up for forklifts at the C & M Production Group L.L.C. booth on day of move-in and move out. Services are performed on a first come–first basis.

16) Each exhibitor must maintain  a comprehensive general liability insurance policy with limits of not less than $1,000,000 (One Million Dollars) for all bodily injury and property damage arising out of a single occurrence, including coverage for the indemnity and hold harmless herein. Prior to commencement of the  Enid Home Builder’s “2018 Enid Home Show”, all exhibitors will need to provide evidence of such insurance coverage. Proof of coverage needs to be presented C & M Production Group L.L.C. by March 27, 2018.

17) Early packing of a booth is PROHIBITED! Anyone doing so will not be invited to return. It is the height of disrespect to even those last few attendees and unfair to exhibitors. The last attendee deserves the same attention as the first!

18) By signing this contract you have agreed that no claim of any kind will be made against The Enid Home Builders Home Show and as the exhibitor you shall indemnify and hold harmless The Enid Home Builders Association, C & M Production Group L.L.C. , Chisholm Trail Expo Center and/or its’ sponsors, or any officer or employee of these organizations or any authorized subcontractors. Under no circumstances will these organizations, or any    representatives, be responsible for any or all losses, damages, attorney fees, expense, cost, charge, liability, theft of any merchandise, display or goods, of the exhibitor, or injury to himself/herself, or any employee of the exhibitor, while attending The Enid Home Builder’s “2018 Enid Home Show” .

19)  As the exhibitor, I acknowledge responsibility, ability and willingness to pay at the signing on the contract. I agree to be liable for reasonable collections up to 25% of the principal should it ever become necessary to incur such expense for Enid Home Builder’s Association and C & M Production Group L.L.C. to secure payment.

20) There is a $50.00 service fee for all returned checks for insufficient funds or stop payment, the service fee will be applied and all afore mentioned  collections will be applicable.

21) As the exhibitor, I acknowledge I will be charged $100.00 service fee if my booth and/or sponsorship IS NOT PAID in full by the time of move-in of the show.






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